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Remember, Hendon Golf Club Members receive a 10% discount of the prices quoted

Changes to CONGU rules for 2018

Hendon Golf Club - Local Rules used in combination with the Rules of Golf (Check the rules at the R&A website)

A List of Winter Rules for use in addtion to Local rules during the winter months(October through March).

The Course Policy Document describes and defines the management of Hendon's golf course. The Greens Committee are the owners of this document. It is normally reviewed every two years.

Last Update October 2017

This document contains a list of Harry Colt to which Hendon members are entitled to discounts on green fees when playing one theses courses. While this document is accurate at the time of publication, members should check with the individual course. Hendon Golf Club cannot accept any liability for the accuracy of the content of this document

Last updated September 2017

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